Storage Tanks

To compliment the tanker hire services we provide across the country, we also offer storage tanks for liquid waste products for long or short term hire.

North West Tanker Hire can offer a storage solution for your site, with tanks of 1000L (IBC) – 27,000L in capacity

These storage tanks are ideal for holding excess waste water prior to disposal or treatment, or other water based solutions, and you can have confidence in the quality of our product to not compromise the quality of yours

Having a static storage tank means that you can benefit from the savings possible when ordering a product in bulk for delivery, while also enjoying the convenience of immediate access to your product when required.

However, if space is at a premium on your site, we can offer IBC’s for your adblue or red diesel, or indeed safe storage on our site for your liquids and waste products.

We operate from a secure location near Fleetwood, Lancashire and have storage tanks available for hire on long or short term contracts

Storage tankWhether you simply require IBC storage, or need a more considerable volume of liquid securely housed – our static storage tanks can provide this service at a cost effective weekly rate

Call us today on 01253 865381 for more information on how our services can support your business.